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The Medical Symptoms

Defective Hernia Mesh Medical Symptoms

If you’ve heard about defective hernia mesh cases, you’ve probably heard about hernia mesh products such as the Atrium C-Qur, the Ethicon Physiomesh, Kugel and the Omega-3 hernia mesh. When you know that you’ve had one of the above-mentioned meshes used in your hernia surgery, or had the Proceed Surgical Mesh by Johnson & Johnson implanted, then you may already know that finding a lawyer is something you should be doing.

But what if you don’t know what kind of hernia mesh you’ve had attached? Or what if you know you didn’t have one of the previously mentioned products implanted, but are still concerned about the possibility that the hernia mesh used in your surgery was defective? In those cases, your best option is to get familiar with the medical symptoms of a defective hernia mesh.

Common Medical Symptoms of Defective Hernia Mesh

There is a long list of symptoms you may suffer if your surgeon used a defective hernia mesh to help you with a hernia problem. Let’s focus on the most frequently reported symptoms, as disclosed by the FDA.

• Pain: Because defective hernia mesh doesn’t always stay in the right place or heal properly, it can cause nerve damage, pain as it shifts inside the body or creates scar tissue to develop in sensitive areas.
• Infection: The materials used in some defective hernia meshes can create inflammation around the incision site, which can lead to infection. If the incision site is warm to the touch, red, inflamed or not healing, that could mean it’s infected.
• Recurrence: When a defective hernia mesh migrates from the surgery site, it no longer performs its job keeping an organ from poking through the herniated muscle, which leaves the patient back where they started before surgery.
• Bowel obstruction or perforation: Defective hernia mesh that migrates can block the large or small intestines, leading to a bowel obstruction. This can create swelling, nausea, vomiting and infection. In some cases, the mesh may puncture the bowel, allowing the intestines to leak into the abdomen. Both of these outcomes, when left untreated, can lead to death.

What to Do if You Have Any Symptoms

First, there is no suffering in silence if you have any of the above-discussed medical symptoms of a defective hernia mesh. You need to seek out medical treatment immediately not only to ease your pain and discomfort but to make sure that the damage caused by your defective hernia mesh doesn’t worsen and cause you even greater problems.

Once you’ve sought treatment, your next step is to find experienced legal representation that can help you go after the defective hernia mesh manufacturer so they can pull the product from shelves and help you rebuild your life.

Ideally, you want a lawyer who has experience fighting the deep pockets and sophisticated landscape of medical device design and manufacturing, which means you want to work with a Hernia Mesh Settlements lawyer. At Hernia Mesh Settlements, we have a nationwide network that allows us to match you to the perfect legal representative with no payment.

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