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About Pravati Capital

Pravati (prā•va•ti) means to befriend, help, protect and comfort. Our cause is a very special one of great concern, great understanding and great conviction.

We strive to defend the lives that have been negatively impacted by the medical negligence of Hernia Mesh. For years, we’ve seen the atrocities of this counter-productive practice, bringing debilitating side effects stemming from a defective product that not only fails to address the initial symptoms, but rather brings about even more unimaginable burdens, physically, mentally, and legally.

While we can’t undo the traumatic harm caused by Hernia Mesh, we will fight endlessly, on your side, to make things right for you. Countless patients have placed their trust into this product, only to suffer further injury, further harm and exacerbation of their original symptoms. After multiple warnings by the FDA as well numerous cases have coming about within the last few years alone, Hernia Mesh has proven to be quite problematic.


“The experts at Pravati really helped navigate through this process. By giving me access to legal counsel and informing me of my options, for the first time ever I feel as though I have a fight in this matter and I am not alone in my suffering. I am hopeful for the future and look forward to enjoying my life.”

Linda Green. Flint, MI.

If this product has caused you further urinary incontinence, denied you of going out in public without the wearing of protective garments, unimaginable vaginal discomfort, the inability to engage in sexual intercourse as well as intense stabbing pains in the uterus and vaginal areas, you are not alone. If you are still waiting through litigation for your settlement to come through, we want to help. We want to restore what we can and set forth the necessary steps you need for a better life.

You are not powerless, you are not without hope, we are on your side and we will fight for your trust, dignity and getting you the compensation you truly deserve.

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