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Hernia Mesh Hardening Symptoms & Diagnosis

Hernia Mesh Hardening Symptoms and Diagnosis

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A hernia is both uncomfortable and dangerous. It occurs after a weakening of the muscle or tissue surrounding an organ permits that organ to slip through the barrier the tissue and muscle are supposed to create. One of the ways hernias are treated is through the surgical application of a hernia mesh. Hernia mesh is a patch-like substance that reinforces weakened muscles and covers holes.

Hernia mesh can be made out of many materials, both biological and synthetic. Biological hernia meshes, made out of animal skin and tissue, are usually absorbed by the body over time. Many synthetic meshes, however, are not absorptive, making them a permanent prosthetic implant. When these synthetic meshes are defective, they may harden months or years after surgery and cause many medical problems for patients.

Hardening Mesh Symptoms
A mesh that hardens is bad enough, but even worse is when the hardened substance breaks apart, leaving shards of toughened mesh moving around your body. That means there’s a wide variety of symptoms that can occur through a large region of your body, not just at the surgical site. Symptoms may include:

• Sharp pain
• Difficulty passing stool
• Constipation
• Spasms
• Internal bleeding
• Infection
• Hernia recurrence

Diagnosing Hardened Hernia Mesh
Hardened hernia mesh can be a devastating problem leading to deep infections, sepsis, abscesses and worse. If you suspect that your synthetic mesh might have hardened, even if you aren’t sure whether it’s broken apart, you still need to talk to your doctor and work toward getting an official diagnosis.

The diagnosis of hardened hernia mesh is a multi-step process. Initially, there will be a physical exam during which you’ll talk to your doctor about current symptoms. They will also conduct an abdominal or other physical exam at that time. The physician will then order blood tests and imaging tests. This can include x-rays, MRIs and ultrasounds. In some cases, a colonoscopy may also be necessary.

Help After Hernia Mesh Hardening
When your doctor confirms that there’s a problem with your hernia mesh, they will schedule you for surgery to remove the mesh and repair any damage it may have caused. Because the mesh will have migrated and will no longer be reinforcing the herniated area, you may need to have another mesh inserted so that the hernia doesn’t reappear.

Medical help might not be the only aid you need, however. The medical bills, time off of work, pain and suffering you experience can all have devastating effects on your life and may entitle you to payment from the medical device manufacturers who design and make these hardening hernia meshes.

At Hernia Mesh Settlements, we have a nationwide network of hernia mesh lawyers who are all dedicated to helping people like you—patients who have suffered as a result of defective hernia mesh—regain their lives. Together, you can fight the deep-pockets of the medical device companies and ensure future patients aren’t given the same defective products. Our hernia mesh lawyers are experienced and dedicated and they work without any retainer, only getting paid when they win your case.

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