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What is a Defective Product?

Hernia Mesh: What is a defective product?

hernia surgery mesh lawsuitDefective Hernia Mesh Diagnosis

In 2014, the Health Foundation’s BMJ Quality & Safety Journal reported that roughly 12 million adults with a variety of medical complaints are misdiagnosed every single year. That means roughly 5 percent (or 1 in 20) patients seeking diagnosis during an outpatient exam is misdiagnosed. And in as many as 50 percent of those cases, severe harm can result from the misdiagnosis.

We all want to rely on the medical community to guide us through sickness and discomfort to find the roots of our medical concerns. We also expect them to then treat us with the right combination of medicine, surgery, and follow-up. But the medical community is not perfect and, to make matters worse, some symptoms can present as one disorder, when they are really another. This is a concern for anyone with a medical complaint, but it’s an even bigger concern to someone who thinks they may be suffering the effects of a defective hernia mesh.

Why Defective Hernia Mesh is Hard to Diagnose
The symptoms associated with defective hernia mesh are startlingly close to the symptoms of many other issues. The pain, nausea, vomiting, and inflammation brought on by a defective hernia mesh can easily be confused with appendicitis, bladder infection or a whole host of other unrelated issues.

While doctors and emergency medical treatment personnel try and rule out the many different possible medical problems patients can be complaining of, the patients themselves may not know what information is relevant and what isn’t, including their history of hernia surgery—especially when that surgery occurred more than a decade ago. And that can happen, as it did to a 56-year-old female patient with abdominal issues a full 14 years after her hernia surgery, as reported by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

Why A Correct Diagnosis is Vital
Many of the problems associated with defective hernia mesh are due to the mesh’s migration from the surgical site. That means the mesh is moving around inside your body rather than staying where your surgeon put it. This can lead to extremely serious and even life-threatening conditions such as bowel perforation.

Hernia mesh can also cause problems when a patient’s body has an adverse reaction or when the patient’s intestines adhere to the mesh. This often occurs when a polypropylene mesh is used since it elicits an extreme reaction from the body and can create abdominal wall stiffness.

Pushing for the Right Diagnosis and Justice for Your Hernia Surgery Mesh Lawsuit
If you think that your current health problems are connected to your hernia mesh, you may need to push your doctors to keep digging to find the reason. You can bring them research that supports your concern and start a personal medical journal to help them get more specifics about your symptoms and rule out other medical issues.
In addition to pushing the medical community to go deeper, you need to find an attorney who is prepared to help you fight for justice from the medical manufacturers behind your defective hernia surgery mesh lawsuit. At Hernia Mesh Settlements, we can partner you with a lawyer from our national network who works with no retainer and has experience winning product liability cases.

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