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Mission Statement

We strive to do what’s right. To right the damages done upon the innocent, to help the many patients whose problems have only been worsened by the installation of a defective medical product. To right those whose quality of life has been severely impacted in all ways physically, socially, mentally, sexually and even financially, Pravati is about finding restitution and resolution for those that medical industry has failed.

After the warnings and countless injuries bestowed upon hundreds of thousands of women, the countless cases we’ve reviewed involving skin breakages, device protrusions from products made by multiple manufacturers, urinary incontinence, vaginal epithelium erosion, vaginal shrinkage, serious infections and the return of the pelvic organ prolapse that the original implantation was made to treat, this practice has only proven to be counter-productive.

Pravati strives to combat the absolute heartlessness of the many patients waiting years for their settlements to shape. Pravati strives to get the right representation for those with a case but unsure of where to start. We know how difficult this has made your life, and how discouraging and slow the legal route can seem, but we also know that you have rights and that you are entitled to restitution for what has been done to you.

You are not alone in your suffering, and you shouldn’t have to suffer any more than you already have. It was never fair for you to have a defective product implanted to begin with, one that only worsened your symptoms while bringing a whole slew of other undesirable affects. We want you to have your life back. Where they failed to support you, we will not. You deserve justice, you deserve compensation both accurate, and until that day comes, we will fight.

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